Sunday, 26 June 2011

eight hype.

Hype Williams - "The New Jersey House Sound Vol. 1"

This short & sweet mixtape from a few years ago features a bunch of old 8-bit theme tunes from the 1980s/early nineties world of arcade machines and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Growing up, it was a world I endlessly mythologised in my own head - and it is a world that my imagination will forever be indelibly imprinted with.

Less about nostalgia as it is about psychotherapy

Hype Williams overdub the tunes with off-key, woozy & disorientating sound design - trademark sonics that will be no stranger to anyone who is a fan of their albums. Hype Williams make drugged-up music - weed, xanax and codeine milkshakes - and as such it provides a crucial antidote to the pristine, straight-laced sterility of electronic music in 2011. I bloody love them.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

shizuo vs shizor.

"Have you ever been kissed by a girl like this ? ..." That's more than just one of the lines from the SHIZUO's hit single recording of "SWEAT" (that took off like a bird across the nation)... It's a slogan that's blossomed everywhere - on school bulletin boards, as a chant at dances, as a teen greeting - in the SHIZUO's home territory, the twin cities of Berlin. One of the most exciting artists to hit the modern-music recording scene, the SHIZUO comes on like a combination of Gangbusters, a guided missile and a runaway train... and the young dancing set digs his sound the most.

Explore his grooves and you'll find the reason for his success, best branded "instant popularity". Not only does the SHIZUO know what the dancing set wants, but he gives it to them with just the right amount of sound excitement. "ANARCHY" was born at one of the few of teen dances he has performed: the SHIZUO was playing at a crammed, jammed squad in London, when he decided to try something new, his own concept of the teenage dance craze! The crowd listened, but only for a moment. Then they were dancing and raving as never before. Everything has flown high since. Now meet this talented and dynamic new man! Put the tone arm down... and the volume up! Ladies and Gentleman, the SHIZUO!!!!!!!!

the SHIZUO - "Sweat"

David Hammer aka Shizuo
14 August 1973 - 15 May 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Bringing my forgotten corner of the internet back to life.

DJ /rupture, Matt Shadetek and Chief Boima - 'Elegy For Mr Peach' (rupture mix)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

where yo ghost post at?

Totally meant to do another bumper pack for Halloween this year, the post I did last year is still one of the most popular things i have put up on this blog. It turned out that I had other more important shit to do over the weekend though, including dancing (but not footworking) to DJ Spinn in Camden, which was epiphanic as fuck.

DJ Elmoe - 'Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man'

Sunday, 24 October 2010

flock fresco.

Tory Lanez - 'Hollywood Life'

Canadian teenager Tory Lanez is the best new voice in rap. His mixtape 'Just Landed' is an enthusiastic and accomplished collection of jams that frequently recall Drake, except with that artist's stoned introversion replaced by a slap-you-in-your-face youthful exuberance. It is fitting then that Drake himself has already experienced a little of Mr Lanez' youthful exuberance close up.

The versatility on show here means that he will likely rise above my lazy comparisons though. TL has the street thing down and the pop thing down and something extra too - there is something genuinely likeable about him. It occurs to me that being likeable was once an important thing in rap that kind of got forgotten. For all his slick contemporary pop appeal, Tory Lanez frequently sounds like an early nineties throwback.

And you best believe he can rap. Currently the best way to experience Tory's hard-as-nails, punchline packed verses is by checking his freestyles out on YouTube. He may well get to be a big rap star, but the most exciting thing about hearing this guy for the first time is the realisation that despite the undoubted mainstream appeal he is, in the classic sense, an emcee.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

when you were young...

So there has much mention lately of THE Justin Bieber remix. 

You know, the one in which he gets slowed down 800%, so his song ends up 35 minutes long and sounding like Sigur Ros. I really like it and no doubt the revolutionary time-stretching software used to create it has a bright future in the right hands.

But if that remix was the sound of J-Beebz getting spiked with some extremely strong sedatives, then this one (from NYC hip hop genius El-Producto) neutralises its prey with a straight up (bitch) slap. El-P has been back to his best recently and both remixes are notable for taking a Bieber vocal and turning it into something genuinely emotionally affecting.

So anyway, check it, a deeply unholy 3-way between Justin Bieber, El-P and Wings. This is what music blogs are supposed to do right, post mash ups?

El-P - 'New Bieber Mix'

... and i guess i may as well post the other one too, to calm you down afterwards and for all the Bieber dilettantes that may have missed it:

J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Sunday, 5 September 2010

the buzz is back.

Captain Cadillac aka Leatherface - 'The Juke Chainsaw Massacre Vol.2'

I've posted a lot of single tracks lately, so I thought it was time that I threw up a mixtape again. Nothing mega-exclusive or even that new or anything - but this is one that I have been playing and loving all summer long. Volume 1 is certified awesome as well.

Nightmare Juke Squad are a French crew that mix up straight up juke party music but don't sleep on the more out-there 'footwork' type stuff either - and they are very, very good at what they do. They are also notable for being one of the few crews from outside Chicago to be pushing a 100% juke-based musical manifesto, a fact that gets them plenty love from those operating from within the scene's Chi-Town epicentre.


Leatherface - The Buzz is Back
Gantman - Footworkin Orchestra
DJ Roc - Bitch Im Raw
DJ D-Block - Killah
DJ Slugo - Gone Juke
DJ D-Block - Pop Dat Thang
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Halloween
DJ Remi - Get Down On The Ground
Traxman - Pacman 
DJ Pierre - Pump Them Things
Leaterface - Who Da Boss
Leatherface - Make Crack Like This
DJ Solo - Girl Bend That Back
DJ Rashad - Maniak 
DJ T-Why - 5 4 3 2
DJ Diamond - Gang Bangz
Leatheface - Pow Wow
Mister Ries - Psycho 
DJ Rashad - Back Dat Azz Up (XXXclusiv Track)
DJ MC - Crazy Shit 
DJ Clent - Bounce To The Beat 
DJ Hilti - Like A Fuckin Supastar
DJ Slugo - Where The Rats 3
DJ Roc - Lets Get It Started
DJ Amaris - All That Noise
DJ Solo - Let Me See Ya Bounce
Candyman - South Central
Regulators - Casse Toi La Nuque (Leatherface Juke Remix)
Grems - Jamais Amoureux (Leatherface Juke Remix)
DJ Solo - Havoc In This Thang Hoe
DJ Speed (Rest In Peace) - Smack Yo Azz Down Boi