Sunday, 5 September 2010

the buzz is back.

Captain Cadillac aka Leatherface - 'The Juke Chainsaw Massacre Vol.2'

I've posted a lot of single tracks lately, so I thought it was time that I threw up a mixtape again. Nothing mega-exclusive or even that new or anything - but this is one that I have been playing and loving all summer long. Volume 1 is certified awesome as well.

Nightmare Juke Squad are a French crew that mix up straight up juke party music but don't sleep on the more out-there 'footwork' type stuff either - and they are very, very good at what they do. They are also notable for being one of the few crews from outside Chicago to be pushing a 100% juke-based musical manifesto, a fact that gets them plenty love from those operating from within the scene's Chi-Town epicentre.


Leatherface - The Buzz is Back
Gantman - Footworkin Orchestra
DJ Roc - Bitch Im Raw
DJ D-Block - Killah
DJ Slugo - Gone Juke
DJ D-Block - Pop Dat Thang
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Halloween
DJ Remi - Get Down On The Ground
Traxman - Pacman 
DJ Pierre - Pump Them Things
Leaterface - Who Da Boss
Leatherface - Make Crack Like This
DJ Solo - Girl Bend That Back
DJ Rashad - Maniak 
DJ T-Why - 5 4 3 2
DJ Diamond - Gang Bangz
Leatheface - Pow Wow
Mister Ries - Psycho 
DJ Rashad - Back Dat Azz Up (XXXclusiv Track)
DJ MC - Crazy Shit 
DJ Clent - Bounce To The Beat 
DJ Hilti - Like A Fuckin Supastar
DJ Slugo - Where The Rats 3
DJ Roc - Lets Get It Started
DJ Amaris - All That Noise
DJ Solo - Let Me See Ya Bounce
Candyman - South Central
Regulators - Casse Toi La Nuque (Leatherface Juke Remix)
Grems - Jamais Amoureux (Leatherface Juke Remix)
DJ Solo - Havoc In This Thang Hoe
DJ Speed (Rest In Peace) - Smack Yo Azz Down Boi

Saturday, 14 August 2010

floored by footwork.

Some truly mindmelting avant-garde electronic dance music just got upped to SoundCloud by the god-like Ghettophiles (aka Neema Nazem). Footwork out of Chicago is where it is at right now/next week/next year. The key to getting a handle on this initially strange-sounding stuff lies in the magic of the YouTube videos - but here Ghettophiles give us a chance to concentrate closely on the music in a way YouTube forbids.

Music without rules, DJs such as Rashad, Spinn and Jody Breeze are making utterly raw, inspirational works of art at around a hundred and sixty beats per minute; bass weight, ethereal beauty and a dense urban futurism that many artists aspire to nowadays but few acheive.

The fact that this is music borne of teenage danceoffs makes it feel like the second coming of rock n' roll.

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Space Juke by Ghettophiles

DJ Spinn - Kush Pak Loud LF by Ghettophiles

JODY BREEZE - THE WAY I MOVE by Ghettophiles

DJ RASHAD-SOMETHIN by Ghettophiles

DJ HEAVY D - NINTENDO WARS by Ghettophiles

DJ EARL -VALENTRA by Ghettophiles

DJ MANNY - HYPER LIFE by Ghettophiles

Spinn - 2020 by Ghettophiles

DJ Rashad - Flashing Lights (Remix) by Ghettophiles

DJ Spinn - YYYY by Ghettophiles

Monday, 26 April 2010

banton's sound: live on kiss.

Another showcase mix from the same show the Champion one was ripped from, I can't not post this as well, it is way too banging. HardHouse Banton was one of the first producers that grabbed my attention a while back and made me realise that the underground house scene in London wasn't just on some pseudo l'american garage bullshit, which is what i'd always assumed up until that point. It was weird to see him showcased on a show a few weeks ago called 'The Future of UK Funky' - wasn't he that two years ago as well??

I guess he has been a bit quieter since then than you would have expected... but maybe now is his time, based on the new productions showcased here he can back up any hype that people want to send his way and then some.

Featuring MC Spidey G on the m-i-c this set is another banger. Summer vibes starting to infiltrate the BC musical program!!!


HardHouse Banton – Sirens
The Kills – Cheap and Cheerful (HardHouse Banton Remix)
Hardhouse Banton – Colonel
M I Raw – Blackberry Hype (HardHouse Banton Instrumental)
HardHouse Banton – Reign (Roska’s ‘ard Food Mix)
HardHouse Banton FEAT Tiger S – I See Ya
HardHouse Banton – The Comedown
Riddim Box – NB Funky (HardHouse Banton Remix)
HardHouse Banton – Cheese on Bread
HardHouse Banton – PG Tips
HardHouse Banton feat A.L Bennett – In You
Sidney Samson – Riverside (HardHouse Banton Bootleg Mix)

champion's sound - live on kiss.

DJ Champion - Kiss Chosen Ones: The Future of UK Funky

As promised last night, here is the radio rip of DJ Champion's showcase set on Kiss FM's Chosen Ones: Future of UK Funky show from a few weeks ago. It is a 30 minute mix of Champion's own productions and provides ample evidence of a major new talent in the shape of this 19 year old from Hackney.

Like the Funkystepz tune I posted yesterday you can also hear the influence of dubstep, bassline and grime in there - although he sidesteps the obvious reference points and instead arrives at his own individual CHAMPION sound, neatly balancing the poppy, vocal songs with the harder stuff - something all the best funky DJs do well.

He has a heavy, stripped down production style that is reminiscent of more established names such as Roska, Cooly G or DVA - which means he should probably watch out or he might get hyperdubbed sometime soon. At the moment though this sound is a very fresh one for the summer - his debut release "8 Round Knockout" will be dropping next month.

Also featured on this show was a seriously good set from Hard House Banton which I will probably post up later on or tomorrow, so if you like this stay tuned for that.


Champion – Tribal Affair
Addictive – Bad Girl (Champion Remix)
Champion – Expensive
Champion – Lighter
Champion – Tribal Affair vs Hyperjack
Addictive – Heartache
Champion – Untitled
Champion – Untitled
Jaya – DJ Do It Again (Champion Remix)
Champion – Motherboard
Champion – Untitled
Craig David – Shadows of Love (Champion Remix)
Champion – Untitled
Champion – Untitled
Undisputed – Sunglasses (Champion Remix)
Slick Don – Not My Type (Instrumental)
Champion – Low Pass
Champion – Untitled
Champion – Tribal Affair (VIP)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ragga jungle rewinds #8.

An early track here from the fearsomely creative mind of one Alec Empire, founder of Digital Hardcore Recordings and frontman of one of the leading riot grrl bands of all time, Atari Teenage Riot. 

There is little in music's history alongside which we can adequately compare or contextualise Mr Empire, who for many years now has been engaged in a very personal form of sonic warfare with both the world and himself. He is perhaps the most authentically emo musician to have ever found inclusion in a Ragga Jungle Rewinds post, yet his thrilling experiments with the amen break since the early days of hardcore rave nevertheless make his inclusion mandatory. 

'Bass Terror' predates the cross-genre experimentation on which his formidable reputation is built, and is instead a proto breakcore, hardcore-jungle-techno battering ram from early 1993. It is a bit older than the tunes I have posted up in the previous 7 installments of the RJR series, and dare I say it, a bit less of an obvious choice than some of the others too... 

It isn't one I especially remember from my younger days, although the EP from which it is taken is nonetheless a well regarded classic that was reportedly hammered by the one and only DJ Easygroove, whose 'Retrodread' and 'Cybertechnohappydread' tape packs my teenage self played to their death, and I mean death. Damn I wish I still had those tape packs.

'Bass Terror' unmistakably bears the stamp of intense sonic-headfuckery that Digital Hardcore Recordings would go on to exemplify, with breakbeats amplified to levels that still would have been considered boundary-pushing if this tune had come out ten years after it did. 


Atari Teenage Riot have just reformed and will be playing a show in London next month.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

re-up time.

The music-downloading archive of this blog has unfortunately become neglected in recent times and right now the history of BONE CONDUCTION is pretty much just a graveyard for dead Z-Share links. 

At one time these pages housed many different kinds of awesome music. I know a lot of people come to BC off the back of google searches looking for music that isn't here anymore, and that sucks. It has happened to me on searches through blogs and it sucks.

RE-UP time; every dead link gets resurrected one by one and given a new home in the more user-friendly environs of Mediafire, where I hope they shall remain forever, until they become cyberspace's version of fossilised relics - cave paintings of forgotten musics drawn in binary code. So fuck Z-Share and their deletion-crazed ways, I only liked Z-Share cause you could stream anyway but fuck it, if you want to hear the music then I'm afraid you gots to break out your hard drive.

Gonna start with the first song I ever posted last year and work my way back. Here it is again:

Friday, 4 December 2009

essential mix 8th february 1998 - the freestylers.

So here I welcome you to part two of my Essential Mix series. Months back when I posted the Daft Punk mix the intention was to post up these vintage mixes reasonably frequently, but somehow it has taken until now to get this thing going again.

That Daft Punk mix was probably the most google-friendly thing I have ever put on this blog, and far and away the most popular download. I don't know whether this will attract the same amount of anonymous traffic to my otherwise secret enterprise of music and words - but it deserves to cause it is fantastic.

The Freestylers had only released a handful of 12"s when they recorded this for the BBC, although both members - Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor - had been around on the scene for years. A sizable chunk of the tunes in this mix were made by them under a variety of pre-Freestylers aliases dating all the way back to the acid house days - the inclusion here of names such as Blapps Posse!, Bowser, Cut & Paste and Damage Control ensuring the two men scored a fat and well deserved royalties cheque after this went out. They had paid their dues for sure - Aston in particular engineered a pile of old acid house and hardcore records and also used to be in the group 'DJ Rap and Aston' with one of the stars of my ragga jungle post last week.

As well as taking it the fuck back to the old school, the latter half of this session also documents their involvement with the nascent breaks scene that subsequently swallowed them up. I never really got into 'breaks' as a genre, it always seemed to me to be little more than underground dance music for Fatboy Slim fans on E - musicians and listeners alike operating with a way too limited outlook. Don't get me wrong, there are perhaps one or two worthwhile acts involved in the genre - but they are undoubtedly sailing in a sea of shit.

It is lucky then that this mix, like all the best Essential Mixes, is massively eclectic, traversing a spectrum of music that references everything from 80s hip hop to electro, ragga, house, ska and disco - all laid down with passionate abandon. Teeming with their own tunes and a variety of classics encompassing two decades of music, the mixing is faultless all the way through and the entire thing is plastered with delirious scratching.

There are too many high points to list, but I will say I am pretty sure this mix is the first place I ever heard the peerless classic 'Who Am I?' by Beenie Man, a song that ignited my love for modern-day dancehall. It also features Eric B & Rakim's 'Juice (Know The Ledge)', one of hip hop's crowning glories and producer Hank Shocklee's greatest non-Public Enemy moment.

Their debut album 'We Rock Hard' was released a few months after this show aired and although it was an entertaining enough blend of ragga, rave and electro, it sounded tame and sterile next to this two-hour master class. Their post-nineties output is poor by comparison; their Fabriclive mix CD from 2005 focused solely on the by-then very yawnsome breaks scene and completely lacks the rawness and anything-goes excitement they conjure up here.

That was the strength of this radio show at its best - DJs could literally spin anything they wanted for two hours - a far-cry from the creative shackles licensing restrictions can place on so-called 'official' mix CDs. Freestylers play to this strength magnificently and throw down a block shakin' classic - enjoy.

Part One:

Bleaden - "Hitchhikers Guide" (Original)
Beenie Man - "Who Am I" (Greensleeves)
Danny Reo - "Room Wize" (Columbia)
Ninja Man/Flourgen - "Zip It Up" (Sure Delight)
Freestylers - "B-Boy Stance" (Freskanova)
Budbrothers - "Do You Wanna" (white Label)
Funkzm - "Boogie Butt Sounds" (Reel Vybe)
Eric B And Rakim - "Juice" (Soul/MCA)
Bowser - "I Need More Time" (Freskanova)
Whodini - "Magic's Wand" (white Label)
Cut And Paste - "Let's Go Disco" (white Label)
Artist Unknown - "Funky 4 U" (white Label)
Artist Unknown - "Petal" (Indolent)
Bowser - "Operation Hardheat" (Freskanova)
Damage Control - "Da Pumped Up Phunk" (Afro Wax)
Double G - Untitled (white Label)
Pick 'N' Mixed - "Twisted Ska" (white Label)
Artist Unknown - "El Magnfioo" (white Label)

Part Two:

Artist Unknown - "El Magnfioo" (white Label)
Soul Hooligan - "Sweet Pea" (Freskanova)
Wil Shaker - "Made Up Of This And That" (Sophisticuts)
Star And Garter - "Blimey" (Easy DB)
Freestylers - "Drop Tha Boom" (Scratch City)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop The Rock" (Music Specialists)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop" (Scratch City)
Information Society - "Running" (Tommy Boy)
Bowser - "Let Ya Body Funk" (Freskanova)
DJ Funk Roc - "My Beat Box" (white Label)
Isunamioe - "Number 43 With" (Fuel)
Freestylers - "Spaced Invader" (Freskanova)
Freestylers - "Check Da Ski" (Freskanova)
The Fall - "Masquerade" (white Label)
DJ Poout - "Let The Bass Mix" (white Label)
Dance Conspiracy - "Dub War" (Matamorhasis)
Genuwn - "Holler" (white Label)
John Williams - "Throne Room From Star Wars" (20th Century)
Public Enemy - "Bring The Noise" (Def Jam)
Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home" (Virgin)
Blapps - "Don't Hold Back" (Tribal Bass)
Godeoo - "Birth Of The Odessy" (BBC)